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About Me


I'm Bridgette, Bridge, B - basically whatever you want to call me.

30 something, married mum of one, with a passion for photography and capturing life's little (and big) moments.


I have an unhealthy addition to Galaxy chocolate, tea and trash tv! I love wooly jumpers, roaring fires and my pups. I have three

dogs - apparently I'm a sucker for a sob story. Not keen on heights though.


I definitely don't take myself too seriously and can often be seen getting down and dirty on the dance floor with your guests in

the name of a photograph of course!


I started my photography journey in 2018 mainly shooting families and newborns.

Then in 2020 I branched out into wedding photography and well I guess the rest is history.

I only photograph around 24-30 weddings per year so that I can still photograph the babies/families as well as having a life and

being able to offer you my full attention.

2023 and 2024 is set to be amazing... With enquiries already flying in for 2025 weddings don't delay in securing your suppliers!

 If I sound like your cuppa tea then you should definitely get in touch - B x

Things you need to know...

Favourite song - Earth Wind and Fire, September

Favourite food - Pepperoni Pizza

I share a birthday with my sister but

I'm three years older

prefers dogs to humans

Contact Me

Grooms Cottage, Ainstable, CA4 9AS

Tel: 07940510476

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